And I Say…

This isn’t a rhyme, and I wouldn’t call it poetry

But when life teases you, just play back with words .

And this is what I do,  a relief for a time,I admit.

“Read between the lines. look beyond that horizon

See that twilight, , that’s where your future lies “

All my life, said words were my strength,so said all.

But I’ve grown enough to know that my eyes fail me

Leave those lines, dear world; I can hardly see those words.

A twilight so far ; and to know that dawn just broke.

I need Herculean strength to last the day.

Eyes like embers in the dark,and teeth bared

Fear chills my bones as I  leap through the unknown

I scream in anguish, but my voice fails me

To rise from the depths is what heroes do

But I’m no hero, just an unknown sigh

In a world so fast ,I can hardly make out a face

Its like I’m from another era ; and that too , a slow one.

Well, I’m not trying to fit in; its pointless,trust me.

But there’s  a glimmer  of hope, somewhere deep

I cannot see it,yet I’ve felt its warmth; so

Maybe it’s there , the undying flames of an eternal strength

After all, this is life,  a hope for another dazzling moment.

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