Photo by Thorn Yang from Pexels

Anger swells within
And awakens a dormant self.
But on whom do you vent your anger,
When you tread alone?
Not the soulful solitude
Or dreamy musings which I pen;
But the literal lonely form of me
I don’t smile any more; and
Sorrow defines my face.
Nears and dears have faded
Leaving me to a grim reality.
I don’t know my sins, but I apologize
For all my wrongs, known and otherwise.
Still, peace evades, and I remain restless.
If I’d to be a lonesome traveller,
Forgotten, forlorn and forsaken;
Supreme powers, pray tell me
What is my purpose here?

7 thoughts on “Purpose

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  1. I guess life isn’t one day purpose. It’s a journey.
    I too believed to think like that as told by you in the nice verses of your poem..
    But I have to tell you just one thing
    Acceptance, what we repeat to do, keeps on repeated in our mind. If negative then the negative, if positive, then positive.
    Up-to us what we want to gather from each day.


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