Memories Of Innocence

Image credit- Pixabay– Majaranda

The dreams that we did weave
With an innocence that doesn’t deceive.
Our knowledge; it pushed those dreams behind;
As we kept pace with the race so blind.

There’s a girl who is often in my dream
The wind in her curls, her eyes hold a happy gleam
Her warm caress wakes up the tree so wise
And her feet grace his gnarled roots at his sides.

Maybe it wasn’t a dream, but a memory
Of mine, of old, when I cherished being happy.
When I knew to be alive in the moment, however brief;
And see the beauty in even a dried leaf.

We need to bring our dreams to life, 
The dreams of innocence, devoid of strife.
Dreams so blended with Nature’s serenity;
Maybe, that’s what is needed for humanity.

(This post was written in response to  What Do You See prompt #30. hosted by Sadje. Thank You Sadje 🙂 The challenge is to write an original story, poem, or a caption. from the given picture)

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