My Spirit Animal Is…

Google says, “A spirit animal is characterized as a teacher or messenger that comes in the form of an animal and has a personal relationship to an individual”.

I didn’t know what my spirit animal was and if I were to assume what it could be, I felt I might be an elephant or a lion or a wolf( I think that’s the side-effect of an overdose of Ice Age and Jungle Book!!!). But, then came Google to my rescue yet again( as per online test- ‘What’s your spirit animal?’) with surprising results!!!

Surprising, because:

a) My spirit animal is a bird😎

b) The very first time I saw my spirit animal(at that time, I did not even know what a spirit animal is), I was terrified. My naive understanding is that one should have a close affinity with your guardian angel or mentor, no matter how strange she/he/it may be. I assume you also might tremble in fear when you see a pair of googly eyes staring from a pale, flat, heart-shaped face at night directly at you from the tree branch by your window.πŸ˜‰

c)Growing up in a lush green environment surrounded by tall trees, green foliage and sparkling waters, birds always were a part of my growing years. The first thing that comes to my mind is my half-eaten mangoes and guavas- courtesy of the myriad of sweet singing birds; the second thing is how my mother managed to keep the newly hatched chickens from the eagles.- Well, I can only dream of all those days now.I have always seen my mother keep some grains or a tiny portion of food for them daily-a habit that instilled itself in me. Even now, when I’m far away from home, in fast-paced city life, some crows, parrots and sparrows find their way to my grains bowl in my balcony.

But never my spirit animal- not then, not till dateπŸ˜₯ It never came to eat my grains.


d)In short, I’ve heard more of my ‘animal’ than I’ve seen it. And the few times I had seen it, I was scared as hell.

So, do I not believe in spirit animals?

Well, I have no idea. I don’t know whether I should/ should not believe in the concept of spirit animals. Honestly, I’d say my interest is piqued. 

So I read a bit more about my spirit animal specifically. The traits of my personality( as per my spirit animal) is worth an applause. If I were to list a few from the vast number of qualities mentioned, those would be

  • Tranquil
  • Serene
  • Wise
  • Insightful
  • Trustworthy
  • Noble

Impressive, right? Even I’m impressed, though I’m not so sure as to how much I share these commendable traits.

After reading about my animal or rather, a bird, I feel, I shouldn’t have been scared because the traits also mentioned of its air of diffidence, preference to solitude and being awake at night- that’s so ME. Maybe, I’m my spirit animal in some ways. I may never know the truth of it or if there is any truth to be known. Still, I’m waiting to meet my spirit animal once more – with less fear and more understanding.

Hope it doesn’t attack me.For, when the whole world sleeps, I would seriously love to have a friendly chat or a wise discourse with my spirit animal – The Owl!!!

( Thank you Jude for hosting The Saturday Symphony. )

22 thoughts on “My Spirit Animal Is…

    • Glad to know that I’m not alone in not knowing about spirit animals….Thank you for reading πŸ™‚… Also your blog is’s my pleasure to have come across youπŸ‘


      • Hey, I have searched it on Google, firstly I went to first site, with first quiz, they tell me that my spirit animal is whale…and surprisingly I connect with it too,( I mean my traits)
        Then, to the other and again next site, they are telling me some other animals felin family and other one Idk….Then, seeing my too many spirit animals, I sadly decided to quit on, as I’m totally got perplexed and frustrated after that


      • Hey, It’s ok.!!! Dont be frustrated… Even I m not sure if mine’s right. In one of my WP posts much before, a dear blogger asked me about my spirit animal. Since I’d no idea about it and as I felt a touch of mystery around it, I just read about it in random sites, just for the sake of knowing what it is. So today, when I saw Jude’s prompt, I thought I’ll give it a try…
        Be happy 😊😊


  1. he he …happy hooting πŸ™‚ .. when you meet him that is πŸ™‚
    Nice post Nima … and the qualities described are so lovely : serene, tranquil, noble, and specially trust worthy … Wow πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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