(A Lannet written for OctPoWriMo- Day2)

An existence marked by flaws and ill-luck
Aren’t we vulnerable in our time here
Still, we breathe, we move ahead, we exist
Bracing ourselves to the storms that await.

In a world set by morals and ethics
I grew up ambiguous of these norms
Am I right or wrong? And I realize,
I’m vulnerable in this perfect world

I felt breakups were the worst, so naive!
But then injustice came strutting about
Pervading our values, our existence
Snuffing hope in our vulnerable lives

This weakness that threatens to push us down
Maybe, that’s what empowers us, mortals!!!

Thank you for reading😊😊

28 thoughts on “Vulnerable

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  1. I really liked the progress here, from general to specific and, from lesser to greater in terms of scope and impact. It’s like I can feel the meaning of “vulnerable” expanding as the lines go by, going from a far more personal, far more intimate kind to a far more expansive kind.
    Wonderful perspective!

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