Riot Of Colours

( A FreeVerse written for OctPoWriMo-Day 3)

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Shades so vivid, splattered across our lives
Rendering emotions so deep that we do care.
Born pure with the angelic innocence of white,
With cheerful tones of yellow painting our lives,
We prosper in green shades of positivity;
And of course, a hint of envy.
Those crimson hues of love, long gone and forgotten,
Deep blue waters calming the messiest of minds,
A promise of protection in Mother Earth’s brown tints;
Not to forget the ideal turquoise, creative purple,
Harmonious magenta or nurturing pink.
Life’s palette is complete with our grey moments
That cloud our judgement; And the
Dark human acts that bring shame even to the vile beasts.
Words fail to fathom the beauty of the myriad hues;
Yet we live within this chaotic riot of colours,
Radiant at times, overpowering often; defining us always.
For my part, I end up wondering,
Are we strong enough to balance its presence?

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