My Home, My Own!!!

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Here’s the blatant truth, dear readers. No one can see her, except me, of course. She feels this is her home. She has been conveniently accommodating herself in one of the many rooms of this mansion through the ages. As I belong to the legacy of this mansion, I take it my birthright to call it my home too.

As you all know, when a thing such as a huge stone structure can withstand time along with some bittersweet memories, mould and some unexplained affairs, dear townfolk love to call it ‘haunted’. I’d say they’re jealous.
So coming to my mansion-mate, her name is Lilith. I named her so because she never told her name. She never spoke or smiled or laughed or cried. She just eerily stared at me whenever I entered her room. As a kid, I did try to tell others also about her stay in this room. However, none believed and scoffed at it as a figment of my hopeless imagination.
But, still, I saw herโ€ฆ staring always. As any sane being, I was scared initially but later that turned to a cautious nonchalance. I made sure not to enter her room or even the entire wing unless it was necessary. Time thus few by with no interference from her till I reached the legal age to become the heiress of this estate.
It’s quite easy to inherit something but managing it with efficiency was something that I was yet to learn. Such a huge estate required man-power, money and an enormous amount of time for its well-being. As a working professional at the other end of the globe, this was tedious as I didn’t have any intention of leaving my current job and place. And there were none in the family left to entrust it. Considering all the practical scenarios, I finally decided to sell it. A part of the proceeds would go to some loved ones who stood by me through the years. Whatever was left was more than enough for me if my job fails to secure me in the long run.
So, when I received this call from my agent of a prospective buyer, I readily agreed to a meeting in person for further negotiations. With all happy hopes of settling this finally, I set for home.
Now comes the shocking part. The agent swore he never called me. The number from which I received his call was non-existent. So I just sat in my drawing room of this mansion thinking of who would want to play this prank on me, when a slight noise distracted me. And lo! there stands Lilith of all people after so much time. She looked the same, eerily beautiful. As she stood in front of me in the drawing-room, outside her room which was a first, I felt apprehensive.
She slowly moved towards me. I’m not sure if I screamed as she raised her hand; but I clearly remember her hoarse voice as I felt her fatal blow to my head, “This is my home”.

I never saw Lilith again. But I prefer to be in her room always.
I don’t smile or cry or feel hungry. I stare at the outside world and listen to their talks. I feel myself at peace because this will be my home always. Because no one will take away my home again for they say that I died under mysterious circumstances in this haunted home; just like the mysterious deaths before.

And I’d still say, they’re all jealous!!!

Thank you for reading๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

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