Dust & Weeds

Dust & Weed

Breathe in your blessings
As life wills, before you wane
Among dust and weeds!!!

Ronovan Writes #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge 328 DUST & Weed

Thank you for reading😊😊

20 thoughts on “Dust & Weeds

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    1. OMG….you’re right…I see the ominous aura now😂😂😂 I appreciate this Jude…it’s always interesting to see how thoughts are interpreted or perceived by our dear readers.Thank you🤗


      1. Thank you so much Ma’am.
        Actually my first short story is getting published in an anthology.
        If you could spare a few minnutes and give a read to the blog named “STEPPING..”
        Your opinion would mean a lot to me.😊

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