An Older Me… Happier Too!!!

Birthdays meant candles and cupcakes. And that too in dainty blue. Well, a birthday girl is entitled to her whims and fancies. Don’t you think so? But that was a long time ago. Now, at the threshold of one’s winter, all those whims and fancies seem trivial or frivolous maybe. Even so, it was fun; I can still feel the rush of excitement, the very same euphoria I felt as a girl, when I was wished by loved ones.

Times have changed now. I am at an age where I face more adieus than hellos. But hey! I’m not complaining. My life, though it won’t find any place in history books, has been amazing- a perfect childhood, good education, a peaceful job at the library, a wonderful husband, not-so-bad health( a blessing indeed, at this age!!!) and no kids. Well, that was a hiccup in our life. We always wanted kids. But, Bill and I have learnt the hard way that life doesn’t gift us everything. It did hurt us, hurts us still, yet, we have somehow managed that sorrow in our long run together. Well…that’s a different tale altogether.
Coming back to our birthdays, when we were younger, we used to give each other surprises. When it comes to surprises, none could beat Bill. There was this birthday of mine when he forced me to accompany him for a trek. To be honest, I am not a big fan of trekkings. And I didn’t want to let him down too. Our trek started with our friends in such a way that we reach this particular place on my birthday. Any guesses what I found there??? Fireflies- millions of them, lighting up the night, all around me!!! Sometime before, I had made a casual remark that it’s been really long since I saw a firefly and how I used to love seeing them. I had forgotten about this statement I made but Bill remembered. If I close my eyes, now also I can see that gorgeous glow of fireflies, the radiance of happiness on my husband’s face in seeing my smile and a group of loving friends. Oh! Those were the days!!!

Ever since age started taking its toll on both of us, our surprises reduced. It meant we could always expect a nice birthday card from the other, a small gift(if we manage to get one!!) and if Bill’s arthritis and my asthma are not causing much trouble, a quiet dinner at this fancy restaurant. I know this seems quite ‘uncool’ to the young ones out there, but we have learnt to cherish these quiet, rich moments of love for each other.
This year, somehow I feel like surprising Bill. Of course, the surprises I plan always seemed dim(to me!!) compared to Bill’s. Bill seemed all gaga over that recipe which these new food shows have been showing. Maybe, I’ll try that. Who knows if either of us will have a “next birthday”?
Oh yeah!! At times I am quite blunt too!!! Sadly, it’s true too!!!

People say I became older and wiser though I know better. I am just a year older and weaker.
Shaking myself from this melange of memories and thoughts, I made my way to the kitchen to see if I have all the ingredients for the trial recipe.
See for yourself what I find on the table….🤩🤩

What more can I say, my lovely ones. With a partner like this, I have been and I am one lucky old girl. Oh! did I tell you that none can beat my darling husband in giving surprises? That’s my Bill!!!❤❤❤
Here he comes, with a naughty twinkle in his kind eyes and ruffles my thin white hair “My birthday girl is entitled to her whims and fancies. Happy birthday, love”.🥰

Thank you for reading😊😊

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