A Battle With Reality

Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

Snuffing out hopes, shutting down lives
The Reaper moves onward, his eyes shut, ears covered
Empathy eludes Him; He seeks lifelessness
But then we don’t really know Him, do we?
What can I speak of one whom I know not?
But I do know of us, the alive and breathing
Seated in a circle of Life to witness those around
Vanish in the midst of the recital of their being
A moment ago, I knew their names, I saw their smiles
And before I knew them more, they were breathing their last.
Soon followed the deafening silence-
A cold and unsettling one, as warned; but e’en that
failed to prepare me for the emptiness they left behind.
The near ones who leave us, I have known the searing pain
But they, whom I knew from afar strangely made me realise
A loss never lesser, a pain so raw, a truth so bitter.
Maybe, the Reaper has reaped more than His due!
Grimly, that is never the truth, is it?
I, rather we can blame the whole world
Or take up responsibility of each and everything; but
Even then, they, who left will never return
And I hold onto each memory I’ve, however faint it is
Before that also spirals into a void
And I refuse any words of comfort, courtesy of an arrogant self
Just one nagging question reverberates within…
“But why them, blooming with purpose and kindness?”


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