“I Had A Dream…”

Dear Readers, let me take this opportunity to inform you that till yesterday, I was one dilemma less. And as you may have guessed, I have a cauldron of burning quandaries. Each day, new things get added to it or else I go ahead, grab it and trap it in my cauldron. Some of them are real, some are political, some extremely personal, some weird and some just uncategorised(or stupid!). But, this is a first for me. Even if I had experienced this before, I, hereby state truthfully that I have no memory of it. 

Last night, I dreamt/dreamed(another dilemma!!!) within a dream. How weird is that? And interestingly, after waking up, I clearly remember my second dream. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for my first one. However, I am sure there was a parent(initial, first, or whichever the right technical term is for the hierarchy if there is one) dream. 

Now, waking up to a cloudy, moody Monday morning and discussing dreams and their lucidity levels don’t go well with the usual Monday blues or even the sensibility of an average human. Wow!!! genius me!!! How did I find that out? It was quite easy. As I reiterated the whole dream(I may have exaggerated a bit too..๐Ÿ˜Ž), the gravity of it was welcomed with nonchalance by my family at our breakfast table. I should rightly point out here that my 3-year-old niece, hearing my narrative, stopped eating and with shining wide eyes stated that she too had a terrible dream “of that green-eyed cat…the very same one that stole my toffees along with the jar …it was meowing angrilyMEOW!!!!!!!!!!”.

Even though everyone had some real suspicions regarding the credibility of even the existence of her dream, those suspicions were quickly covered up by the lady of the family-my mother. Not only that, she was instrumental in making the rest of the family join her in her granddaughter’s fight against the green-eyed cruel cat that has been “troubling our baby” and “how bravely did our strong girl stare right at the face of the green-eyed monster just the other evening too!!!”. In the wise words of my brother(my darling niece’s father), “the little cat is scared and losing its sleep over a fearless 3-year-old lioness“. Seems that the brave lioness reference reinforced with her family’s collective support in her soon-to-be-forgotten cat enmity was more than enough to get her to finish her breakfast quickly. I could see winning smiles all around, mine included.

ย But amid this fuss and excitement, my two-fold dreams were thrown into the unknown. On a side note, I may have something to do with the toffee jar and its contents but well, I was happy in the cat taking the blame. Well, a stray cat can’t have all the attention and innocence too, right? In my defence, my first-born two-fold dream was pulverised to nothing just because of its presence.

A moody morning, looming grey clouds, and my disappointed face mired in vague/clear dreams- this is not something that a sane person would look forward to on any day. But here’s the fun fact with family. A good percentage of them knows exactly what to do when faced with such childishness and how to do it. They do the obvious – IGNORE me!!!. But not for long, for my dear man came to me after a good 3 hours later to enquire about my well-being. More importantly, to clarify the below. “Darling,

  • ย Are you sure you’re awake from BOTH your dreams?
  • If no, would you have to sleep again to complete the missed round of sleeping or would it be an instant wake-up.?
  • If possible, would you be kind enough to answer the aforementioned questions with just a yes/no?”

So here I am, my dear, dear readers!!! As told before, till yesterday I was one dilemma less๐Ÿ˜Ÿ.

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  1. Oh wow. A dream within a dream. Sounds like that stuff in inception! Your darling niece’s antics made me smile. That part about a stray cat getting too much attention and love too. I’m sorry about the dilemma. This is always the problem with dreams. I can never quite remember any of them clearly. I’m glad that you at least remembered the “child”I dream

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