Utmost Feelings – Published

Dear Readers,

Utmost Feelings, a poetry anthology is published and live now. I share with heartfelt gratitude and immense joy that I am one of the co-authors.

This book is a tribute to Astha Srivastava, a beautiful soul who had always mesmerised us with her poetry and who left us too soon. I wish to say many things, however, the right words evade. All I feel is happiness and gratitude- to True Dreamster publishers, to my amazing co-authors for their splendid words and efforts and to Astha.

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Happy reading & Take care ❤❤

– Roshni


Walls and barriers-
I live within their familiar limits…
and I haven’t shattered any…
Oh! no, don’t sympathise
and tell me to be strong…
for I’m no warrior, I realise that.
When flaws failed to fade,
when scars hesitated to heal,
when rocky depths broke scarred ideals,
all I could do was lift my weary gaze
and let the limitless skies
greet me.
So dear, when I say to
let the skies tell you of their stars
and galaxies, their fallen ones
and newborns; do trust,
their miracles dwell in their serenity.❤❤

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt

Thank You😊😊

Am I Happy?

Three Line Tale( Picture Prompt)

I couldn’t quite understand the earsplitting silence which, this remarkably naive question of mine brought among the gods and humans.
Expectantly, I awaited their responses though I felt the dark clouds of uncertainty looming as they all started whispering.
As they debated among each other about their earthly and heavenly states of happiness, mild whispers metamorphosed to harsher tones making me question my supposed happiness.🤔

Thank you 😊😊


A torrent of voices
Echoing and booming
Among a revolt for rights…
Bewildered in this inanity,
those voices reach a crescendo,
Where everything is noise, shrieks and chaos…
Isn’t it time to seek our silences and listen?

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt

Thank You😊😊