Three Line Tale(photo by Victor Furtuna via Unsplash)

What has passing, never-to-meet-again faces to do with me?

They intrigue me; their unacquainted faces reflecting dubiousness, fear, curiosity- all caught unawares by my harsh judgement.

But then, somewhere along my unknown journey, I stopped judging when I realised “Am I not one of those fleeting faces”?

Thank You 😊😊



Am I Happy?

Three Line Tale( Picture Prompt)

I couldn’t quite understand the earsplitting silence which, this remarkably naive question of mine brought among the gods and humans.
Expectantly, I awaited their responses though I felt the dark clouds of uncertainty looming as they all started whispering.
As they debated among each other about their earthly and heavenly states of happiness, mild whispers metamorphosed to harsher tones making me question my supposed happiness.🤔

Thank you 😊😊

Road To Success

Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash

Three Line Tale(A Picture Prompt)

Bethany finally posed for the customary grad-pic, her eyes blurring from happy tears.
Making a comeback to life and studies for someone who served time in jail, though inspiring, is not an easy thought or task.
The cheering faces around, her graduation cap and gown indeed tells a beautiful story of her subdued past fears, hard work and determination..😊😊

Thank you for reading 😊😊

Saved By Magic!!!

Photo by Linus Sandvide on Unsplash

Three Line Tale(Picture Prompt)

“This is a perfect hiding place; pretty sure they will choose to hide here in this ancient structure within this impenetrable jungle”, he smiled menacingly.
But his torch showed no footprints or any sign of recent human presence.
Unknown to him, the kids held each other’s hands in fear in the corner, protected by the spell of the dome, rendering them invisible to the cruel wizard!!!

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