Write To Live

(A Blitz Poem written for OctPoWriMo – Day 4)

A word to say
A word to write
Write of its beauty
Write of its power
Power to influence
Power to encourage
Encourage its growth
Encourage its elegance
Elegance flowing in thoughts
Elegance carved in its poetry
Poetry luring us in
Poetry naming our thoughts
Thoughts that matter
Thoughts that we pen
Pen our pain
Pen our dreams
Dreams that spell hope
Dreams that we dare
Dare in our worst
Dare despite our fears
Fears that crush us
Fears that hold us down
Down on our knees
Down as we breathe
Breathe life into those words
Breathe as words become a symphony
Symphony that strikes balance
Symphony that makes us dance
Dance away the blues
Dance through our tears
Tears to clear our thoughts
Tears to make us strong
Strong as a sword
Strong in our words
Words of our lives
Words clear as streams
Streams of clarity
Streams of reality
Reality dripping within us
Reality revealing our truth
Truth to accept our flaws
Truth to persevere
Persevere in our goals
Persevere in our ideals
Ideals to ground us
Ideals to live
Live our true words
Live our true thoughts

Thank you for reading😊😊