A Time To Let Go

(A CinqTroisDecaLa Rhyme written for OctPoWriMo – Day10)

Anger, deep and grave, deforming the humane version of me
Prisoner to its ever-growing whims, I, just let it be
Little did I know of the predicaments that would follow
In this raging anger, peace evaded, life became hollow
Letting go of this rage, to forgive, for me, it’s no child’s play
But I’ve to let go, lest this stuffed up anger makes me go grey
So I knead my thoughts, mould it into a write-up for the day
Prose, poetry, anything that helps me find peace within me
Sadly, write-ups do fail at times; then comes Time to hear my plea
Weapon of the Wise, Time has an answer, if one would allow😊