“I Had A Dream…”

Dear Readers, let me take this opportunity to inform you that till yesterday, I was one dilemma less. And as you may have guessed, I have a cauldron of burning quandaries. Each day, new things get added to it or else I go ahead, grab it and trap it in my cauldron. Some of them are real, some are political, some extremely personal, some weird and some just uncategorised(or stupid!). But, this is a first for me. Even if I had experienced this before, I, hereby state truthfully that I have no memory of it. 

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Six Word Story #8 – Family

Prompt Word -Family

6WSP Prompt for Week #46 (Jul 11, 2020 – Jul 17, 2020)

  • Far from family, just for family.
  • Family reunion- the  prodigal son returned.

The second one is not originally my idea- it’s Biblical.I just rephrased it into 6 words. The first one is definitely mine😊

Thank you for reading. Take care😊😊

The Lone Survivor

Photo Courtesy : Ryan Hafey via Unsplash

He was 15, alone and he seemed to own this cabin of scrap metal, which he called his workplace.
There was no sight of another human soul other than us, but true to his word, he did an impressive job on my car engine.
When asked about his family, he gave a small, sad smile and said,” It would’ve been a blessing, but for me, scraps are more eternal than human relations and desires”.

(This post was written in response to prompt challenge – Three Line Tales, Week 222. )

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