Saved By Magic!!!

Photo by Linus Sandvide on Unsplash

Three Line Tale(Picture Prompt)

“This is a perfect hiding place; pretty sure they will choose to hide here in this ancient structure within this impenetrable jungle”, he smiled menacingly.
But his torch showed no footprints or any sign of recent human presence.
Unknown to him, the kids held each other’s hands in fear in the corner, protected by the spell of the dome, rendering them invisible to the cruel wizard!!!

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An Older Me… Happier Too!!!

Birthdays meant candles and cupcakes. And that too in dainty blue. Well, a birthday girl is entitled to her whims and fancies. Don’t you think so? But that was a long time ago. Now, at the threshold of one’s winter, all those whims and fancies seem trivial or frivolous maybe. Even so, it was fun; I can still feel the rush of excitement, the very same euphoria I felt as a girl, when I was wished by loved ones.

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My Home, My Own!!!

Image credit; Phmaxiestevez @ Pixabay

Here’s the blatant truth, dear readers. No one can see her, except me, of course. She feels this is her home. She has been conveniently accommodating herself in one of the many rooms of this mansion through the ages. As I belong to the legacy of this mansion, I take it my birthright to call it my home too.

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Weekend Writing Prompt- Impact

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt

As the initial wave of numbness swept over, the full impact of his fall dawned painfully on him. The lawn grass beneath his apartment had cushioned his fall from his third-floor balcony, thereby preventing his death. Painful fractures and bruises were inevitable.  It was quite risky trying to hang the planter from the balcony top. His pain was excruciating, yet; it seemed worth his beautiful garden above.