A Girl Remembers…

What Do You See?

A knight, a ray of hope, or a better world?
What are you gazing at, girl?

Pools of despair tainted with false hopes
scream through your woeful eyes…
You limit your existence as a canvas for the world to hurl its scars and scorns…

What are you still waiting for, girl?
Or have you forgotten again?

It was never the knight or the world
that held the shimmer of your eyes
It was you, dear girl…it was always you
You, the one who made it all better.

Now, wipe off that sorrow and let in that
lovely smile and faith to shine through
your scars and tears.
Let the world be dazzled
by your indomitable brilliance once again…!!!


Thank You😊😊


Destined Dreams

After all those wars that have wiped timelines,
after all the bloodshed flooding our seas for epochs,
the mysterious cosmos that decides our destiny
brings in a notion to breathe life into me…
As I breathe in life,
I hear the spirits of yesteryears
veiled beyond time
whispering among constellations,
of their aspirations for me.
Naively, I stand bewildered,
because I bear enigmatic dreams
etched by the irrefutable destiny
while mine wander about in hopes
to tether itself to me…

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing

Thank You 😊😊

Celebrating Life


Are heartaches so rare for us??
Nah, even the thought is so naive, for
this is a world streaked with joys and sorrows;
even bliss is incomplete unless sorrow complements it…
I never did understand this conundrum
but then, I’ve known life, still living on…
So, when I see the glint of hope among
cheerless clouds, I try, truly I do try
to let in the warmth of endless hope within…
to celebrate the coexistence of contradictions!!!


Thank you😊😊


Walls and barriers-
I live within their familiar limits…
and I haven’t shattered any…
Oh! no, don’t sympathise
and tell me to be strong…
for I’m no warrior, I realise that.
When flaws failed to fade,
when scars hesitated to heal,
when rocky depths broke scarred ideals,
all I could do was lift my weary gaze
and let the limitless skies
greet me.
So dear, when I say to
let the skies tell you of their stars
and galaxies, their fallen ones
and newborns; do trust,
their miracles dwell in their serenity.❀❀

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt

Thank You😊😊


I’ll reveal myself…
When prayers pierce the
night skies calling out to the lucky stars,
when promises softly rip the horizon
ushering in the glitter of the unknown…
when mortality forces the world
to don the shrouds of anguish,
you’ll need my secrets then…
To be the radiance as stars dim
or maybe, to just take a step
you’ll need my secrets then…
And my secret will be ours…

Thank you 😊😊

(Photo by Mindaugas Vitkus on Unsplash)