Monday Blues!!!

The incessant humdrum of the established norms of successes and failures, the cacophony of life to which one daily wakes up to or the eerie whispers adding allure to inevitable losses, the constant chatter in our waking hours trying to bring those lofty dreams alive and secret consolations to self to forget those scary ones.I can hear and feel the chaos, the noise, the chatter, the murmurs, the sighs, all levels of human emotions caught in a staccato.

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A Forgotten Imperfection

This is no fairy tale. It’s just an incident that may mean nothing. Still, for no particular reason, this matter just flashed across my mind. So I thought I’ll write it out. Can any of you recall when was the last time you had a strange or rather odd experience from someone whom you respect dearly?

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When Inspiration Strikes

Photo by Lerone Pieters on Unsplash

Three Line Tales(Picture Prompt) – Week 231

It has been long since she wrote anything worth, courtesy of a writer’s block; a cycle ride on this bridge was what she came up today to divert her mediocre thoughts.
But as the golden glow of a setting sun splashed across the fading sky creating masterpieces with each ray, the story-teller in her woke up to startle herself.
A joyous smile played across her warm face as the happy truth dawned on her-her words were not over yet!!!

The Happy Lilliputian

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

Three Line Tales(Picture Prompt – Week 230

For sure, this was one of those teeny-weeny strange delights of hers.
Her friends never acknowledged her height of five feet two inches as tall; for them, she was more of a Lilliputian.
But here, she has found her bit of joy as she walks through the tall gates with her head held high while her tall counterparts stoop.😎

The Original Outstanding Blogger Award

It’s always a matter of immense joy when appreciation comes our way. I am extremely pleased to be nominated for The Original Outstanding Blogger Award by two of my favourite people in the blogging world- Ishita(Thoughts Resonate) & Tanvi(A Lightyear Journey).

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