A Fine Warrior

Photo by Lucas Lenzi on Unsplash

And I met this woman, a warrior screaming in silence
struggling to slay her never-fading demons
knowing she will never be called brave
for she fights for causes so alien and unknown;
not just to the world, but to her too…
Yet her fight is real, complex too…
The fight to pry her eyes open, and wake up…
To breathe in the day, to not give in to her tears
and fears that weigh her down
To face a world that calls her an arrogant fool
as she whimpers in fear within…
To be strong as helpers fail;
strong enough not to snuff out her hope to be hopeful
To accept the fleeting moment of peace
as her eyes take in the new moment of the present
that brings a true smile to her tired face…
I understand her as I return her smile
in the watery reflection, and remind her,
“Hold on brave one; you’ll be just fine!!!”

Thank you for reading 😊😊

A Sort Of Oasis

Parched thoughts rained hopelessly
onto her diary pages…
racing madly to keep its pace
with the rich oasis of liveliness
that once enriched these pages…
“Madness”, I often thought;
yet, her tear-stained words make me wonder
“Isn’t this her hope?”

Sammi Cox Weekend writing

Thank You ☺☺


I’ll reveal myself…
When prayers pierce the
night skies calling out to the lucky stars,
when promises softly rip the horizon
ushering in the glitter of the unknown…
when mortality forces the world
to don the shrouds of anguish,
you’ll need my secrets then…
To be the radiance as stars dim
or maybe, to just take a step
you’ll need my secrets then…
And my secret will be ours…

Thank you 😊😊

(Photo by Mindaugas Vitkus on Unsplash)

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