Do you hear the lullaby of the streams?
As twilight sets in, softly, tenderly
When gilded eyes droop for pearly moonbeams
Do you hear the lullaby of the streams?
As velvety whispers of the mild breeze
caress the nightly silence splendidly
Do you hear the lullaby of the streams?
As twilight sets in, softly, tenderly…❤❤

A Triolet inspired by Eugi’s Weekly Prompt

Image Courtesy: ParallelVision from Pixabay

Thank You 😊😊

Celebrating Life


Are heartaches so rare for us??
Nah, even the thought is so naive, for
this is a world streaked with joys and sorrows;
even bliss is incomplete unless sorrow complements it…
I never did understand this conundrum
but then, I’ve known life, still living on…
So, when I see the glint of hope among
cheerless clouds, I try, truly I do try
to let in the warmth of endless hope within…
to celebrate the coexistence of contradictions!!!


Thank you😊😊

“I Had A Dream…”

Dear Readers, let me take this opportunity to inform you that till yesterday, I was one dilemma less. And as you may have guessed, I have a cauldron of burning quandaries. Each day, new things get added to it or else I go ahead, grab it and trap it in my cauldron. Some of them are real, some are political, some extremely personal, some weird and some just uncategorised(or stupid!). But, this is a first for me. Even if I had experienced this before, I, hereby state truthfully that I have no memory of it. 

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Can You? Will You?

Photo by Evelyn Chong from Pexels

You can’t …
You won’t…
You don’t…
The chants grew louder
I listened keenly
And I couldn’t…
I wouldn’t
I didn’t…
And I drowned deeper and deeper
Till there were no more depths to fall further
Loud chants grew feeble till there were none
Except me and just silence…
There, for the first time,
I did choose something right
Not to yield but to soar higher
Away from the stifling darkness
It’s far, but now I know
I can…
I will..
I do…

Thank you for reading ☺☺

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