A Forgotten Imperfection

This is no fairy tale. It’s just an incident that may mean nothing. Still, for no particular reason, this matter just flashed across my mind. So I thought I’ll write it out. Can any of you recall when was the last time you had a strange or rather odd experience from someone whom you respect dearly?

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Dead or Alive

I’m scared to live
Day by day, my fears worsen.
I’ve listened to the world, I’ve learnt; now
My wisdom tortures me.
I wake up with no desires;
And I breathe, all alone.
I try to smile, but it’s hard to smile at the unknown
And I’m unknown, a stranger.
I’m scared to die too
But I must say, death has an appeal
For death is salvation, so they say
And above all desires and senses.
So now, I am doubtful
Am I dead or alive?


I’ve been thinking, what do we yearn for?
Somehow, certainty seems to win the bet. 
But, what is certain when we
Doubt all our defined certainties?
The air we breathe, but will it be pure forever.
The lives we lead, but are we happy?
The people we love, but will their love remain?
We’ve been taught of the alluring future
And how we must strive for it.
I’ve been thinking, where does our future lead?
Through all highs and lows, it ends in death.
Death, unknown and dark, yet very certain.
So, are we living for a better future
Or a sure death, I wonder…

An Ode to Loss

Image CourtesyKarim Manjra (unsplash.com)

No words of mine can heal this searing pain
As you bid bye amidst all this roar.
We were meant to be together
And when the Universe deemed so,
Remember how joyous we were.
How blessed we felt…
Spotless of sin or envy or hate,
I was your friend, and you, my soulmate. Continue reading