Wishes In Winter

Photo by Marcus Cramer on Unsplash

Trying to let go off the past that won’t fade,
Life’s strange, with regrets of old.
But what of the moments that fill the void
With memories that linger with the glitter of gold.

Speaks a mind unsure of the next morn
In quest of an everlasting way from above
All for a trust that may richly adorn;
This lass’s yet to find a way to move

Now, winter’s too wild for my mind to be still
But prayers are too strong for the frost to kill
This’ll pass, so do the winds that chill
Because my wishes’re too true for the days to be ill.

And then, my dear one,
Spring’ll find me with you, by your window sill!!!

Note: This is a decade old poem of mine which has been previously published. Even with all its shortcomings, I hold it dear. So sharing it with all 🙂 

Dear Daughter

Tiny baby girl , our precious li’l pearl,
Our song of wonder , an angel on earth
Blessings,dear child ; for you, from all
May you dream big , may it be true
May you be happy in this life so new.
When life plays its sweetest tunes for you,
Be humble , and be kind .
But songs may turn sad ,and it will.
Be very strong then and be calm .
Whatever the song be, dear daughter
Know it so ; you’re our joy and pride
You always will be.