Someone Remembers…

There comes the path yet again, clear as ever
Though I don’t recall the last time I walked on it
Gosh! Another thorn prick on my feet
But wait!!! didn’t it happen ages ago?
Yeah, ages ago… the phantom pain so real!!!
In this misty stillness, I still feel the breeze
That lured me into this heaven I created…
A heaven that I name mine and I don’t recall why.
I know that I know this way,
The way I remember a loving memory-
A warm rush of emotions, a kind prayer…then forgotten
And shelved once again,
To be remembered an eternity later
Seems I’m strolling here in some forgotten memories of mine
Or am I part of a recalled memory for the path and all it holds???…

Thank you for reading 😊😊

What do you see #74

Childhood Memories

Image Courtesy : Jill Wellington @ Pexels

Was it that long that I made paper boats in rains?
Or scraped my knees chasing butterflies?
Was it that long that I outgrew these moments?
Was it that long that I forgot how happy I was?
It seems distant, those precious memories;
Memories of summers and the glow of its rays,
Of granny tales so true and feathers of all hue.
They nurtured my dreams and instilled hope;
And amidst all my scrapes, my heart was glad.
The magic has waned as childhood faded
And left me numb to the realities so cold
But the memories of old, they pull back so hard
To kindle my joys, long lost and prized
So, here I am, clad in memories of gold
As the days of old in all its warmth
Come to greet the child in me.