Ed was in a fix. Making ends meet was difficult enough. Still, he didn’t want to break his promise to his daughter, not on her fourth birthday. A sad smile appeared on his face as he thought of her. The medium-sized pink teddy caught his eyes as he stepped into the thrift store. It was pre-loved, he knew. An unbroken promise and a joyous birthday kid was worth his lighter pocket.❤❤

Weekend writing prompt

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A torrent of voices
Echoing and booming
Among a revolt for rights…
Bewildered in this inanity,
those voices reach a crescendo,
Where everything is noise, shrieks and chaos…
Isn’t it time to seek our silences and listen?

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt

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Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt

Didi, do you know what happened? Our late Mr Dutta’s prodigal son got arrested for drug dealing. So shameful!!! It’s a pity that Mr Dutta could bequeath only his worldly wealth, not his humane side. One never really knows the exact measures to ensure perfect parenting. If we’re too strict, they search for freedom elsewhere; if we try to be friendly, they might take advantage of you!!!”. Swati listened nonchalantly as her help, Sudha’s daily knowledge-cum-gossip sharing continued along with her floor cleaning, quite efficiently!!!

A/N: Didi means elder sister

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