Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt

Didi, do you know what happened? Our late Mr Dutta’s prodigal son got arrested for drug dealing. So shameful!!! It’s a pity that Mr Dutta could bequeath only his worldly wealth, not his humane side. One never really knows the exact measures to ensure perfect parenting. If we’re too strict, they search for freedom elsewhere; if we try to be friendly, they might take advantage of you!!!”. Swati listened nonchalantly as her help, Sudha’s daily knowledge-cum-gossip sharing continued along with her floor cleaning, quite efficiently!!!

A/N: Didi means elder sister

Thank you for reading😊😊

Weekend Writing Prompt- Impact

Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt

As the initial wave of numbness swept over, the full impact of his fall dawned painfully on him. The lawn grass beneath his apartment had cushioned his fall from his third-floor balcony, thereby preventing his death. Painful fractures and bruises were inevitable.  It was quite risky trying to hang the planter from the balcony top. His pain was excruciating, yet; it seemed worth his beautiful garden above.


Sammi Cox Weekend Writing Prompt

Ideally, she should be elated. Her degree results were out and as expected, she was the topper. Yet, sitting beneath the Gulmohar, she felt morose. Her family wanted her to get married soon and all she wanted was to get a masters in psychology. Her parents were loving and understanding but in marriage matters, she knew they could be obdurate. She smiled, “Maybe, I could be too!!! They may understand my priority”.

The Thief

Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt

The deaf-mute was caught red-handed by the respectable teacher. Stealing the gold crown of the village deity is an offence. Due to the teacher’s intrepid actions, the crown was safe.

The teacher may have misunderstood me. I only wanted the sweet he had in his other hand “, the deaf-mute could only wonder!!!

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