The Secret Door

Thursday Photo Prompt – Secret #writephoto

Bella was ecstatic. She found it at the exact spot where the magic book said it would be.  The object of her interest was an old wooden door at the farthest end of her magnificent lush, green garden. Strangely, an ornate key was inserted in its heart-shaped lock. Who put it up here? She knew each nook of her sprawling, centuries-old ancestral property like the palm of her hand. She was sure she had never seen this door before. It seems as if it established itself on her property right now – maybe, just after her rendezvous with a wee bit of magic!!!

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A Set Of Bangles

The pink saree looked perfect. It was new, elegance was written all over it in magnificent silk, and that colour was apt on her rosy complexion. It was the fifth saree that she took out of her admirably stacked wardrobe. Well, it was her friend’s marriage and it seemed perfectly normal to empty out the entire cupboard to choose what she actually wanted to wear.

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Pearls of Wisdom

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“I do not like black coloured puppies”.
What could I say to this irritating outburst from a pre-schooler? Dear reader, I’m not a parent; I was just babysitting for a dear friend of mine. I had no idea what I was getting into.
“Noel, your activity book clearly says that you have to colour this dog black, its kennel brown and the grass green.”I was trying to coax him into finishing the activity exactly as mentioned.
“But I don’t like puppies to be black. A black puppy looks sad”.He indignance was turning his pink face to a bright red.

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