A Girl Remembers…

What Do You See?

A knight, a ray of hope, or a better world?
What are you gazing at, girl?

Pools of despair tainted with false hopes
scream through your woeful eyes…
You limit your existence as a canvas for the world to hurl its scars and scorns…

What are you still waiting for, girl?
Or have you forgotten again?

It was never the knight or the world
that held the shimmer of your eyes
It was you, dear girl…it was always you
You, the one who made it all better.

Now, wipe off that sorrow and let in that
lovely smile and faith to shine through
your scars and tears.
Let the world be dazzled
by your indomitable brilliance once again…!!!


Thank You😊😊


Fading Out

An ocean ahead, strangely silent
While my own self rages over…
Your stillness bothers me,
And I am concerned…
Dear deep waves, are you in distress?
Your memories hold my music
Youthful and resonant, you held my rhythm
Now, my voice wavers, my music falters
Yet it prevails till I am humanely able
So wake up, from this stillness…
For I offer you my parting music
And I need you to remember this too
Along with all of me, even what is forgotten…
Wake up now, mighty ocean
To my music, my voice…wake up!!!

(A Freeverse written for Sadje’s  What do you see #84)

Thank you😊😊


Image Credit : Sadje

Subtly does she adopt her nightly hues
Her remnants concealed within the new eve
Her time done, day retires for nightly peace
Subtly does she adopt her nightly shades
Carved in silent dreams and fears, the world rests
Till day is reborn- her time now to live
Subtly does she adopt her nightly hues
Her remnants concealed within the new eve!!!


A Triolet written for Sadje’s What do you see # 83

Thank you for reading 😊😊

Someone Remembers…

There comes the path yet again, clear as ever
Though I don’t recall the last time I walked on it
Gosh! Another thorn prick on my feet
But wait!!! didn’t it happen ages ago?
Yeah, ages ago… the phantom pain so real!!!
In this misty stillness, I still feel the breeze
That lured me into this heaven I created…
A heaven that I name mine and I don’t recall why.
I know that I know this way,
The way I remember a loving memory-
A warm rush of emotions, a kind prayer…then forgotten
And shelved once again,
To be remembered an eternity later
Seems I’m strolling here in some forgotten memories of mine
Or am I part of a recalled memory for the path and all it holds???…

Thank you for reading 😊😊

What do you see #74

Enigmatic Elegance

Elegance, her enigmatic aura
And I, her lover, a facade of calm
Carved in brilliance, the sky kisses her tiara
Elegance, her enigmatic aura
Echoing whispers of an ancient realm;
Lest we forget the grandeur of an era
That birthed her refined majestic calm
Elegance, her magnificent aura
And I, her lover, a façade of calm

Thank you for reading 😊😊

What do you see #71