Light & Dark

A Florette  for OctPoWriMo- Day 31

31 days, 31 poems and all I can say is I’m truly grateful that with this Florette, l have completed the challenge of OctPoWriMo -2020. This is the first time I have taken up to writing poetry continuously for a month. More than just writing verses, I learnt of various forms; of course, for an amateur like me, it was always challenging to keep up to the syllable count and maintaining the meters and rhythm. But then, as always, despite the million flaws in my writing, my dear fellow bloggers were always there encouraging me every time I tried a new poetry form, inspiring me💛. Thank you all, for the love and support throughout.😊

Photo by MDragonwillow

What if we lived without darkness
Just enlightened in our brightness
Would we have valued its true worth?
As we do in this good, dark Earth…
Now I know why we need both, to restore balance.

Hand in hand, the duo set off
And we decide who leads; it’s tough
They say light and dark co-exist
Seems right as I live in its midst,
Embracing its value, though the journey gets rough.


Thank you for reading 😊😊

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