The Thief

Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing Prompt

The deaf-mute was caught red-handed by the respectable teacher. Stealing the gold crown of the village deity is an offence. Due to the teacher’s intrepid actions, the crown was safe.

The teacher may have misunderstood me. I only wanted the sweet he had in his other hand “, the deaf-mute could only wonder!!!

Do You Believe?

Photo by Arto Marttinen on Unsplash

I’ve been asked if I believe in heaven
I am sure of the answer, so I smile.
All have their own version, and I have mine
I’ve been asked if I believe in heaven.
Peep into this world with Seas of Seven
See the heavens within and all of hell
I’ve been asked if I believe in heaven
I am sure of the answer, so I smile.

Do Not Enter!!!

Photo by Raúl Nájera on Unsplash

Three Line Tales(Picture Prompt)- Week 226

Not one to pay heed to anyone or in this case an old wives’ tale, he ventured out into the forbidden woods.

Wonder-struck by the dangerous beauty of the haunted place, he walked further till he heard a cry for help.

The do-not enter signboard never looked more accurate and ominous as they found him the next day just behind it, stone dead.

Slave To Darkness

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash

In a big home of even bigger rooms,
I wake up oblivious
Of the darkness around me.
I know my way here
Every nook, niche and crevice.
But I’m alone; all hopeful rays stop
Just outside my window sill.
As if some force stops
Any glow in this bit of gloom.
I’m not caged; I’m sure; else,
how am I able to move or see Life outside?
The answer is a cold cruel reality.
I’m a slave to the Dark Master; who
Powers darkness over selfless minds.
And being depressed for long;
I’m his favourite servant.
At times, I step outside to see
If I can find a way with the lively Life.
But, Life’s twisted with its lies and truth
And I fail badly in living Life.
So, here I am, back with my Master; and
I still roam about the huge dark halls
Oblivious of everything.
But, once in a while, I do step out
As an inner voice tells me, someday I may learn.

A Place Called Hope

Image credit- Pixabay– ArtTower

Ogres do vanish,
as we outgrow our lively days
of naivety, so they say.
Yet, from my days here, I know;
Ogres and demons remain
Just we don’t name them so.
We fear them each moment; as
They lurk in our dark forest of thoughts,
Among looming trees backed by deadly fog.
Fear does make us cower,
Till we realize we need to breathe.
So we build a shrine to all that is bright.
Thus, we remain calm and content and hopeful;
Within our dark forest of thoughts,
Among looming trees backed by deadly fog.

(This post was written in response to What Do You See Prompt t#31 hosted by Sadje. Thank You Sadje 🙂 The challenge is to write an original story, poem, or a caption. from the given picture)

Imaginative nonsense- miniaturized

Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

We hold the steering wheel of our lives and we are pretty well controlled and composed and highly sensible. There is no place for non-sense in our highly organised existence which we have designed for ourselves.

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