Similar Differences

(A Free Verse for OctPoWriMo- Day 26)

Art by MDragonwillow

It’s amusing as I ruminate on a past long gone,
As things are almost the same even decades later.
Similarities and differences differentiating pals 
A slight regret that I never pondered much then.
For when they felt my favourites were not theirs,
Didn’t I also feel they were different as they felt I was?
So, why didn’t them or I just accept our differences?
Instead, we drifted apart, far as strangers
Ignoring our similarities, accentuating our differences.
In the struggle to fit into an accepted normalcy
Conditioned and appraised through ages by the choicest;
I, somehow felt that I am an oddity,
Did they feel the same about themselves? I would never know.
Now, as I regretfully contemplate, a thought lingers…
In this normalcy drama engulfing us,
Aren’t we similar in our differences?


Thank you for reading😊😊

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